About The Oil Culture


Oils are all around us, embedded deep into our culture, we have always had a close relation to oils, be it for soothing ourselves, or cooking our favorite dishes. Oils have always played a part in our lives. Our journey with the oil culture dates back to the 1950s where my forefathers started this company with only mustard oil. As time passed by, we grew not only in size but also in products and our customers. We started extracting amala, coriander, almond, rose, and jasmine oils.

With the arrival of the late 90’s we had also welcomed change and started blending oils, these oils used for head massages, body massages, sleep induction, and pain relievers, were renowned for their quality and their effectiveness.

Our products go beyond just quality, with the help of our 100% natural oils we prepare a safe place for our customers without any chemicals or side effects. Along with this, we also have cruelty free and reusable containers for our oils that both protect and preserve the oils, to make sure our customers get only the best of quality.

Today, we deal with almost all types of oil products with carrier oils, essential, fragrant oil, and many other such products. To this day, we carry on the legacy of my forefather never compromising on the quality of our products, because for us, our journey begins only when our customers are truly satisfied.